BOok making

You have folders and folders of photo files that you love ...but you never really get a chance to appreciate them. You would love to share some of your adventures or projects but how do you put them together in some manageable display?

Books! Tactile and convenient.

This course will walk you through the design and creation of making your own book. We will cover basic design and layout and the all important file preparation to make your images sing. Our focus will be on using "Blurb" book templates and on the creation of your own personal designs with Adobe InDesign.

The cost: $130.00 (2 x 2 hour lessons)

Lessons are available weekdays and weekday evenings.

To find the next available starting date or make a booking (or simply ask a question) go to the Booking tab and send Geoff an email or contact him at his studio on ph 47 54 1552 or M 0402 292 770