Photographing people, and somehow capturing a part of their personality is one of the dark arts of photography. If you know the person, all sorts of barriers can be removed (or erected!) if you have just met, how do you create a rapport that will be conducive to a good photograph? Is it ok to "steal" pictures of people on the street? This course will take you through some of these social and ethical considerations as well as getting down to the basics of lens selection, posing, backgrounds and lighting.

The cost: $130.00. (1 x 2 hour lesson and a 2 hour location shoot where we will use each other as subjects).

Lessons are available weekdays and weekday evenings. Location shoots are held on weekdays or weekends.

To find the next available starting date or make a booking (or simply ask a question) go to the Booking tab and send Geoff an email or contact him at his studio on ph 47 54 1552 or M 0402 292 770